Sector: Technology
Size: 7,946 sq ft

Location: Programme, Bristol


The Vision

The Vision

With their lease ending at Temple Studios and the team outgrowing their existing space, NEX chose a new 7,946 sq ft refurbished space at Programme. They tasked Interaction with the CAT B design and fit-out - the first at the landmark development in Bristol.

Having moved from a cramped and bland space, the brief for the project revolved around designing and creating an inspirational space that reflected the reputation of the firm, as well as the Programme development. Vital factors included enhancing collaboration and flexibility, helping the team to retain and attract new talent, and making a great first impression for clients.

The Result

The Result

After 6 weeks of creative design, effective project management and hard work, NEX don’t just have a space to be proud of, but they have a workplace like no other, in one of Bristol’s latest commercial developments.

By combining effective project and site management with original design, the result exceeds what the NEX team asked for. Not only is it a wow-factor workplace that will help the team to attract and retain talent in a competitive Bristol tech market, but it has set the standard for other office designs within Programme, Bristol, and the wider South West.

Key Features

  • A modern, sleek design complete with LED lights that give a unique “tech” feel.
  • A Cray Supercomputer replica that doubles up as a seating area.
  • An array of places to work, including tiered seating, acoustic booths and Resimercial-style seating areas.
  • A collaborative team building table in the centre of the workplace.
  • A breakout space games area – great for a good work-life balance.



The Feedback

The Feedback

“When we moved into Bristol’s ‘Programme’, we knew we needed a stand-out office design and fit-out to match the reputation of the refurbished building. We turned to Interaction as we believed they would help us to achieve our key ambitions to retain and attract talent; vital factors in Bristol’s competitive business landscape. We have no regrets having chosen the team; at every step of the project journey the team have been creative, hard-working and personable. We’d like to say a special thank you to Luke Byrne (Project Manager) and Tom Dowling (Site Manager) who worked tirelessly, kept us in the loop at all times and made the co-ordination of a complex job look easy, especially one with such tight timescales.

“We’re already seeing the positive effect that the office is having on our business. Staff members are collaborating more and making use of the varied working spaces – which is great for productivity and flexibility. When it comes to clients and visitors, the general consensus is “wow!” Anyone who walks into the space can’t help but be impressed, with particular talking points being the LED lighting and the Cray computer.

“We’re excited to see the continued effect that the new workplace will have – in terms of attracting new talent, retaining valuable members of staff, and generally shaping the future of the wider business. As well as the great impression it has made on our own team here at NEX, we have no doubt it will help to attract more reputable firms into Bristol’s Programme too – so we’re looking forward to having more neighbours very soon!

“Overall, we’re thrilled with the finished space; it’s unique, light and bright, and inspiring for staff members, who are delighted to be able to work in such a modern environment. We would have no qualms recommending Interaction for other office design projects in the South West and further afield.”

Alice Wolff, Business Manager, NEX

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